Besøk av årets Fulbright Scholar, Jen Atkins

Fredag 28. april hadde vi besøk av årets Fulbright Scholar, Jen Atkins, fra State University of Florida. Hun hadde workshop både for et knippe av våre lærere og for VG1-klassene våre. 

Her er informasjon om temaene hun snakket om:

The Pedagogy of Play

Students are often attracted to utilizing pop culture in the classroom because for them, it feels more playful and much less like “work.” Play is a key ingredient in sparking learning, shaping focus, and building confidence. This workshop discusses the “work of play” in a classroom environment and strategizes how to effectively incorporate playful approaches into assignments and activities to increase student innovation, motivation, and learning. “


Studying American Nationalism through the Marvel Cinematic Universe:
Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU)–the highest grossing film franchise of all time–spectacularly confronts sociopolitical issues, enabling us to investigate American nationalism, especially through their most popular characters. Take for instance Falcon, who asks if the country is ready for a Black Captain America—or if a Black man wants the job. Alternately, Thor: Ragnarokaddresses colonialism, privilege, and refugees. MCU examples become a springboard to engage with issues in America, such as cultural imperialism and civil rights, highlighting issues’ ongoing, complex histories.